Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday...Lushy, Green Pisgah Sunday

On Friday evening I belled up Eric and asked him to meet me for a ride Sunday morning at the bridge on 1206 in N. Mills. He sounded a bit sad because he was watching the radar but fortunately I had no clue. Eric wound up agreeing that a ride was in order after hardly any pressure at all and we met at the prearranged time and place . Here is the down low on the wet route from Eric's Bog: The ultimate route for the day: Laurel->Pilot->NoName->Slate Rock/Pilot Cove loop clockwise->1206 back to the Jeep.(I passed the Jeep and rode up over Yellow Gap then 3 miles down 1206 back to the bridge where the U.N. Montero was.) I know, I know Fire roads descents are boring. Whatever, the layered bands of vibrant green in the lush forest encompassed me as I flew a 2 wheeled downward spiral in the rain.

I can't believe Billy got new shoes today, I can't close my eyes and make them go away. New shoe Sunday headed right into the rain, warm rain. The Swiftwicki sock Company is not paying me to advert their FAN-tastic tootsie product. However my chauffeur gave me these shorties as well as a couple of pair of woollies while I was out at SSWC08 that I think are very comfortable. I picked up these new 86'ers at Ultimate of Mathews not only because those folks are really nice but because I read Rich's blog daily. He looked so good in his that it was inevitable that I would wind up making the purchase. Plus and more importantly according to a recent scientific discovery the chemicals in my brain were altered when I took his nonchalant innuendo about the product into my visual cortex through the photon vibrating LCD of my laptop. The strangest thing is that a few short weeks after selling me on the Shimano MO86 shoe he changed his toon with the new Mavic shoe. He looks good in which ever way the wind blows for sure!
Eric riding up Laurel.
Brave unidentified Georgian who passed us at Cairns only for us to see him again sitting in the rain on top of the $2,000 climb. He said that he was waiting on his 2 Floridian friends still coming up but then decided that riding with Eric and I down Pilot Rock was a better idea. Those must be some great friends!
Rock Burble entrance into switch on Pilot.
Eric with a solid line.
Perfect form
through and down switching again.
View from up high, same water covered leaves from Eric's close up.
On the roll up 1206 after Pilot Cove.
What I looked like to myself after finishing with a haul ass down 1206 from Yellow Gap.
Here is a little film that Eric shot and Posted of me riding through the same switch backs that I shot of him on Pilot above from a different angle. Thanks for everything Eric, great ride indeed!

Bill F on Pilot Rock from pisgahproductions on Vimeo.

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