Friday, May 22, 2009

Meander Kitten-Foster

Meander Kitten not to be confused with the Vander Kittens is the most recently returned Foster back to the Humane Society of Charlotte. This little guy spent 21 days here in Dooleyville after coming close to death by lawn mower at the young age of 5 weeks. Needless to say, Solo(his HSC real name) was a petrified little kitty when I first met him but through good care here he has come around full circle. Meander kitten is completely black, I mean blackity black as if he were designed to SPOOK anyone he comes near or go well with the attire and accessories of a hard core mountain biker. I had heard that black cats bring bad luck but this one actually has given me tons of great fortune while in my realm. I think the whole black cat bad luck thing is voodoo bunk, so go get this little fella and take care of him as he will take care of you. They do not need much but they do need you!

No Speed Street today, Ms. Arcen and I are headed to Badin Lake with our time share canoe on the roof of the UN Montero! Hahahahahhahahahaha to all the rookies up there dealing with it!
Wait till you see my photo essay next week that I made yesterday while on NASCARTOON Fest assignment, you will not believe what you see. THEY WERE GIVING AWAY RANCH!!!! and I got it on film.


Courtney Thompson said...

you are hilarious.
I hope you and your daughter have a lovely day...
its soooo nice.
thanks again for the wonderful email...

Billy Fehr said...

Wait till next week when I run the images and commentary, you will have one hell of a crack out when you see the truth behind the freedoms that our military is protecting with their lives at the expense of others'
Stay tuned!!

Billy Fehr said...

not tooned!