Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tuesday Night Sherman 'B' Ranch

After work yesterday I got home, transitioned into mountain bike mode and headed out to Sherman for a local pastoral experience. As syncro would have it just as I was gearing up in the parking lot Lincoln pulled in with his SS Niner in the truck. I have ridden with Lincoln a few times over the past 10 years so we decided to roll out together. I asked him how his life had been going and he told a harrowing story of an injury he received while sledding with his kid during the last 4" snow that came to the Charlotte area. There is a huge very steep grassy hill near the uptown off of Parkwood near Davidson. Lincoln was going down the hill at very fast rate when unknowingly he slammed into a stump that shot through the bottom of the sled and tore into his bum. The impact severed his hamstring muscle, ripped his anus open(which had to be sewn back together) and left him with a huge internal hematoma in his butt. Late edit: How could I have forgotten, as well he broke his tail bone! I know, you are making that wow face and you are very glad that was not you. At any rate Lincoln is recovering well after over 2 months of not sitting down rehabilitation he is back on the bike which is where he has found his health since way back in 1988. His first mountain bike was a 15" Hoo Koo E Koo.

Lincoln; very thankful to be back in the saddle again.
He forgot his cable lock key but remembered his bolt cutters.
Grand Papa Wheelie(Yeah GJR I saw your Papa Wheelie and used it because Rick is a grand dad with white hair who likes to pop wheelies) snapped this pan of me hitting one of the new jumps at Sherman.
This one Lincoln took of me landing.
We ran into a very long snake that was black on top and sort of patchy white on the bottom. I would have tried for a better shot but this serpent seemed intent on getting away from us and I heard that they can bite.
Check him out going over the limb, you can see some white blotches.
As I was leaving I walked by this Patty Smith led training ride for a new team that she has recently put together. Apparently this team is getting ready for the Burn 24 Hour Challenge where they are going to compete in the new 19 Person Pro Coed Open Class. If all are in fit form and the weather is good each rider will get around once and 3/4's of them will do a second lap.
(Grand Papa Wheelie is in the Red Jersey[oldest rider] far left) Mel in Black and Commuter Julie in sky blue are in the middle, both are looking at the camera.

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Doug said...

wow... adds a whole new meaning to "getting a new one ripped"!!

nice action shots billy!