Thursday, May 28, 2009

The American Dream

I missed this one yesterday and it will be perhaps the last one I make you see from this year's Speed Street. This image says more than I could ever convey in correctly spelled words without an editor. The other day Boots sent me a note asking me to look at the blog of James E. Good, a Charlotte resident who recently left Seattle Washington by bicycle on his first ever Trans Continental ride effort. James has just finished day 5 on his long ride across North America back to Charlotte and he is telling an interesting story. Check in with him as he goes or send him words of encouragement because this guy is presently utilizing his freedom to see the landscape of the Nation in which we dwell under his own power and support. To the best of my knowledge I have never met this fellow, however after reading his blog I have the feeling that he may know who I am and I will prolly recognize him from the Uptoon area when I get to see some photos.


Doug said...

Hey Billy! That dude makes the Double-Down seem like a peice of cake! Thanks to the link to his blog - yet another to follow on a daily basis!

brado1 said...

redneck heaven no doubt, thanks for skewed perspective! love it

Billy Fehr said...

Seriously man,
the thing itself was
Skewed not my perspective.
Glad you like what you saw