Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Uptoon Courier Drama

Swazey crouched and ready to pounce on the smaller TD when he shows up to unlock is bike. Swazey heard through the grapevine(apparently he and Dicky are neighbors who have the same loose lipped UPS Driver) that Team Dicky had recently received a package from Yurgen Kirby via SFO and the Toon. Yurgen has been selling off all of his(and some of his friends') possessions which have been stored in various nooks and crannies around his parents' estate in the Toon. Apparently when Dicky hit 40 years old in June he purchased a guitar and has been taking lessons to back up his endurance mountain biking career. At the end of last month Dicky was searching eBay for a guitar tuner when he came across a nice one being sold by seller YCUR-B(Yurgen's eBay alias). He bought now for an unbelievable price considering the seller was willing to include a VeloCity T-Shirt with the deal. Swazey who has been scanning eBay for special deals on Guitar tuners and VeloCity T-shirts saw this transaction go down and realized that both the guitar tuner the and the T-Shirt were possibly his. Swazey has been following an unsuspecting Dicky around waiting for the right moment to jump on top of him and empty the contents of his bag which is where Swazey hopes to find his guitar tuner and T-Shirt.

to be continued......

1 comment:

Unibiker said...

What Madness!!!!
Someone must pay!!!
Pay very little for a used and beat up old VC T-shirt. Maybe The Dick can wipe down his AX with said shirt.