Friday, September 18, 2009

Photo Bike Tour

As I was logging on to post toonday's pictorial story this morning I noticed that this will be my 500th blog post. That's right 500 posts since starting this insanely addictive predawn non contact hobby/sport. Happy 500th to you Doctor Bloggy, perhaps you will continue with many more or maybe one day soon you will realize the futility of your sophomoric efforts and stop the tripe.

Last week from the safety of the fish bowl glass window inside the coffee house my little friends and I observed this local cyclist roll up, kick stand and lock his newly refurbished bike. The pretrial J suggested that I go out and take some pictures of the rig for a photo doc. I usually balk when someone makes suggestions to me that changes what I am thinking about or doing physically because I do not like being manipulated by the emotions of others. In this case the bike's loud calling and unique owner were out weighing any personal misgivings that I was feeling. I had met this fellow a few times before but it had been awhile and he was on a totally different bike. I asked if he was okay with me taking some pictures for my blog and he gave me the nod to go to work. An artist/scientist once told me that the amount of detail in a photograph defines the subject.

Please enjoy this virtual pictorial tour of a unique fly ride.

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Anonymous said...

Is he keeping his sculpting gel chilled in the cooler?