Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Harlem in The Jar, I mean Hizzle

The first order of this am's pre-dawn babble is that I need to make a correction from yesterday's post where I made Dremel a verb by spelling it dremelling. In fact if it were like snorkel it would be snorkeling, right? Anyway I should have went to print with Dremeling not dremelling which would have been a better spelling of a word that I made up. Either way the word does not exist so maybe none of this matters but I did wake up in the middle of last night thinking about it.

Meet Michael B. straight out of Harlem on to the streets of the Jar with his one wheeled lever operated Machine and orange Nathan vest for safety. I watched this kid work the other day Uptoon and was so moved by his skill that I decided to stalk him with my image maker. With Safety on his mind Michael crosses Tryon at Trade with a green light surrounded by the stares of Goofi(goo-figh). The time this image was made appears to be 1:13pm or 1313hrs Eastern Zulu time.
Mike B. with another safe unicycle line up on the curb headed North on Tryon, his vest alerting any on coming drivers, pedestrians, cyclists or crazy messengers with a camera of his presence.
Folks, I am not making fun of this awkward way to get around by half bike at all. With all of my 'experience' I do not have what it takes to ride a one wheeled machine even though I am not sure that I wanna go down the road looking like this.
MB makes it look easy. Do you have to carry tools while riding a unicycle?? His tire pressure looks a little low.
I have tried this half cycling discipline before indoors while shoving the industry 'working' at the shop a long time ago when I was trying to get the courier biz off the ground. I had a tendency to fall forward a lot and grab all the displays messing up the much needed and sought cycling apparel.

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