Thursday, September 10, 2009

Domestic Trail Cut

Amongst other pastoral related duties that I accomplished this past weekend I finished cutting 3 separate short trails through the yard woods connected by 3 lawn transfers to make a roughly 1/20th of a mile mountain bike short track course out the back door here in Dooleyville. It took a few hours of cutting smaller useless undergrowth, hacking away at the trail line, getting rid of the debris in the natural forest compost area(NFCA), constructing one right hand turn dirt berm in the woods and building three small jumps in each of the grass transition sections. The 3 little jump ramps are made of 2 x 6 left over scrap boards from a project long past nailed to oak logs and supported by dirt from deep under my leaf compost pile. Somehow during last night's photo shoot I missed the jumps, even without the pictorial evidence they are there and fun for the kids to hit. This little trail system is enjoyed by Ms. Arcen and her little neighbor friends on their Single Speed BMX rigs. Even I have had fun on this little trail addition to the estate by taking out the big wheel bike and crushing the souls of multiple elementary school aged kids on their inferior 20" wheeled machines.

Ms. Arcen on Swamp Bike coming out of the right hand woods trail section into the first grass traverse and little jump in a clockwise direction.
This is the reverse angle of the picture above.
Still in a clockwise direction the left hand woods trail about to hit a short section of grass and the 2nd little jump before going into the back woods trail and J turn.
In the same section her speed and my pan for the feel of movement.
Dirt and log berm headed into the right woods trail off of the 3rd grass section.
Into that berm.
The kid coming out of the right woods trail in a counter clockwise direction being dwarfed by the rest of my manual pastoral efforts over the weekend.
Zoo Zoo the Tiny Warrior in Training(TWIT) approves of this trail system and enjoys running through it chasing those on bikes!!


Unibiker said...

(TWIT) lmao

Remember the days when we had CMA partys?
Dicky's back yard jams. This was way back in the day before he was Dicky. What was his real name again? The teeter totter of death (TTOD) And Illan riding the tandom on the (TTOD)
Bon fires
Lots O'Beer and Lots O'Food
Lots O'Bikes and Lots of good memories. It's been almost 10 years since the first CMA party. See where i'm going with this? Make it happen again Billy, Make it happen. I'll donate some time to helping ya Mod the trails more.

Billy Fehr said...

I am not sure we can ever relive those days...

cornfed said...

quick get that girl on a real bike. 26" is where it's at!

I had a 1/2 acre of wooded trails with jumps and berms for a back yard growing up as a child. Rode my little Sears Free Spirit chrome and blue 20" bmx single speed every day. It's where I hung out.

And still to this day, on little wheels in the woods is where I like to play!

wv" mizated (sounds painful)