Friday, September 4, 2009

Sober Guy gets Drunk Guy's Bike-Plus Major Synchro goes back 22 Years!

Not very long ago on yet another inbound Stay Alive I ran into this fellow sitting on a bench enjoying a grit and his morning coffee. I rolled by and out of the corner of my mind's eye I thought I saw a large and small wheel on his rig. Curiosity got the best of me which was aided in full Synchro by the red light at Eastway. So, I cut a circle and introduced myself as the self appointed President of the CMA which I made up myself. I sat on the ground and asked this anonymous human who we will call LFW(little front wheel) to tell me about his bicycle. LFW spun a fascinating story that started a few nights earlier when he crossed paths with an inebriated man pushing the bike with a flat and an extremely bent front wheel down the sidewalk not far from where we sat. Apparently the drunk guy had slammed into something destroying the front revolution and he became so disgusted by the resistance that the bike was giving him on the push that he just gave up, let the bike fall over and abandoned any hope of salvaging the machine. At that point LFW decided he would drop the broken wheel out and look for a replacement. He found one that was at least true and round albeit flat and the wrong size not far up the road on another abandoned bike. We talked for a bit and I encouraged him to go by the 'Bike Co-op' and see if they would trade for the right sized wheel, tire and tube. The last thing I heard LFW say as I rolled away was, "I am just glad I have a bike."

Cloudscape shot by me while I was experimenting with a piece of polarized glass on the roof of my house.
Now the Synchro in a very short version of all the little things that happened to me Wednesday that put me in front of Megan who I had known for 4 years while in High School(SBHS 87) some 26-22 years ago and 750 miles from here in the Nutmeg State.

1. Stay Alive in.

2. At work meet a 283 with blue feet who told me that she noticed something change with the appearance of sunsets about a month ago. I told her about my northern position theory which gave her a C.O. Then I assigned her some homework which involves paying attention to the position of the sun in the sky during sunrise and sunset.

3. More Courier work till about 1445hrs when I decided to take advantage of the Salvation Army's half off clothing sale. I was able to purchase 3 pants, 2 shorts and three shirts including a Perry Ellis and a Van Heusen for $20.

4. Came out to a flat and realize that I only had 2 tubes in my bag and one in the barn. I needed to fix this one then ride out to Ultimate in Mathews to replenish my barn tube stock.

5. Need a Kombucha Transfer before that ride starts, it has been a month and I can feel that I want the inner body boost.

6. The closest place in line with my ride to Mathews to get one is the Rue de Grit near the corner of Cool and Cool less than ten blocks from where I stood.

7. Walk into the C & C and immediately get confused by the woman in brown whose eyes were looking for mine. Strange closeness to someone that saw and recognized me as Bill Fehr, then I her as Meg.

8. Meet her son who was finishing ice cream. We talked both inside and outside of the Market and it was quite interesting to have this life force be put right in front of mine again after such a long space and time gap. She looked as young as I feel.

9. Part away from the store, they walking, me rolling. Good byes said but a half block away I remembered that I wanted a Kombucha. Turn around, pass them again with a smile given and received.

10. Talk to Jimmy about bikes in front of the Rue and slowly consume what tastes and feels real that is not water going inside of me. As I pedal away from the Plaza for Mathews with a bag full of wears I feel the transfer inside start raising to a Crack Out. One was on me within about a mile.

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