Thursday, September 17, 2009

CMA Veteran Courier Busted-WALKS!!!

The J under a moving train in the Uptoon 10th Street cemetery. I Took this portrait of my co-worker in the fall of 2005. He looks the same with slightly longer hair minus the mustachio creeping. CASE DISMISSED: The verdict is in, justice has been served, the balance of the judiciary is in tact with truth in the Courthouse yet gain. I know some of you have been anxiously awaiting the outcome of CMA Veteran Courier the J's penal status related to the alleged incident last month where he was ticketed and accused of riding a two wheeled bicycle under, over or to the side of the Charlotte Light Rail System(not solution) gate arms which were down stopping vehicle traffic for the approaching train.

The J contacted me the night of the incident seeking my Pro-Bono legal council because he was worried about the steep fine of 135US dollars attached to a potential guilty verdict. At first after looking into the letter of the law by reading the entire NC General Statute 20-142 under which he was charged I advised him to go to the District Attorney prior to his administrative court date of 9/15/09 and explain to the DA that the jargon of GS 20-142 only refers to actions committed by car drivers, not pedestrians on bicycles. After sleeping on those instructions I then second guessed my own advice and told him he had a better chance to show up on the court day and speak directly with the DA just before he enters a plea. I suggested that he tell the DA the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help him Yahweh and that when the DA realizes the implications of enforcing such a ubiquitous charge that he/she will dismiss the State's case against him(the accused).

So, the Day before yesterday The J stood in line for the afternoon docket with the rest of the gangstas and their pink slips and waited for his name to be called to the front of courtroom 4403. After 55 minutes he was called up to speak with the DA before he was to be put in front of the Judge who was wearing black like the wings of a crow. The DA read through the charges and when he realized that The J had allegedly committed the crime while riding a bicycle doing his job as a courier he dropped the charge with a verbal but genuine warning to not do that again and to be careful out there because Charlotte is a very dangerous place to ride a bicycle. No kidding.

The J walked out of the Mecklenburg County Courthouse a free man with no litigation pending. Way to go Rookie, now all you have to do is remember to bring your phone to work.


Jordy said...

The J told me he also leaned in real close to the D A and confessed, "Man, I like Tears for Fears."

Billy Fehr said...