Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Montana MS 150 hits home

Once upon a time, long ago in a land called the Jar there was a college going rookie named Seamus who merrily rode his pink Mostowy for the Maillot Jaune during his summer breaks from Appalachian State. Seamus was a witty fellow with a large athletic form and the face of a British claymation character who simply enjoyed just riding around for his livity. One day in front of the Bank of Literally America while I was cutting my tomato on the sidewalk Seamus sat down beside me and asked if I had any regrets about my time in the Marine Corps. I answered honestly and Seamus told me that he was thinking about going to Marine Corps OCS in Quantico Virginia between his Junior and Senior years and when he graduates he will receive his commission as a 2nd Lt at which time he will begin an officer's career in the Corps. So, Seamus went to OCS the summer as planned, then after he graduated he started his active duty as an officer in the Marines. When all the O level schooling was over Seamus went to the fleet where his first assignment was platoon Commander of Echo Company in Infantry Battalion 2/4 which was the Battalion that I made 3 deployments with between 87 and 91. Interestingly enough as synchro would have it Seamus moved up in rank from 2nd Lieutenant in Echo, to 1st LT as XO of Weapons Co., then upon being promoted to Captain he became CO of Golf Company which was my Alma Mata and home for almost 4 years. Weird, from 2/4 to the streets of the Jar and from the streets of the Jar to 2/4.
Captain Seamus Sir and Laura. unknown photographer
Capt. Seamus reached deep into his Sea Bag of Courage to go an extra 13 miles out and back with an additional 1,500ft of elevation gain on Day 1. photographer unknown
Recently Seamus who is now back in the States on a duty assignment in the big sky country of Montana contacted me to let me know that he and his wife Laura were riding in their first ever Montana MS 150.

The Courier Hot Line Rings

Billy: Nova Courier, this is Bill may I help you?

Seamus: Fehr, Captain Seamus here, alive and well in the great State of Montana.

Billy: No way, Seamus glad to hear your voice! I have thought about you often with the whole War thing and all.

Seamus: Fehr, you're going to have to call me Sir, Okay?

Billy: Seriously Seamus, I mean Sir?

Seamus: Yes, seriously.

Billy: Well Sir you sound good, have you fared well thus far in your USMC Transfer?

Seamus: Yes Fehr I am doing good and enjoy life out here with a Reserve Unit in Billings. My wife Laura and I are riding in the Montana MS 150 could you help us get one step closer to our goal with a donation?

Billy: Sure thing Sir, Saint Lissa will do it from her work and the BOA will match her contribution doubling the In God We Trust Units immediately.

Seamus: Thanks Fehr. God, Country and the MS Society thanks you as well. It should be a good ride even though it will be the longest one I have been on in a while.

Billy: Ahhh Sir, 150 miles is nothing, especially in 2 days with toon food and beverages every 12 miles. You and Laura should make it a real challenge and ride straight through the 150 on day one. Camp out, have a few beers and start cheering on the rest of the riders as they finish what you guys accomplished the day before.

Seamus: Fehr, are you getting belligerent with me?

Billy: No Sir, no way.

Seamus: Well then Fehr at ease, thank you for your time and support. I will send a ride report and some pictures when this thing is in the bag.

Billy: Aye Aye Sir, you and the wifey have a good ride.
I received their ride report yesterday and it sounds like they had a motivating ride. Good Job Sir and Laura!

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Jesse said...

nice! good to see Seth and Laura are doing so well, er Seamus, uh mean, Sir. jealous of being in Montana, looks sick!