Monday, September 28, 2009

When Weather Changed the Future

A week or more of straight overcast skies with an occasional shower left no chance for a recreational bike ride this weekend. I guess I do have more utilitarian riding to look forward to in a few hours when the work week commences on commute with or without the atmospheric condition's emotional support. Yesterday when a soggy ride plan fell through things started changing here and fast. Botzie stopped by with his kids, at first to talk tech which led way to a complete smashing volley of Badminton out in the far back. I built the course(court) last week out of a bag that came as a gift a long time ago. Not quite as exciting as being on a bike but the game had its emotional ups and downs that at least reminded me of riding. Chasing the shuttlecock(long for birdie) and striking it hard while trying to place it strategically on the other side became a blurry mission. Sweat in the eyes, short sprint bursts, hitting the ground after diving for it all wrapped up into some sort of fun for kids and adults alike. Once we finished up the Briton version of lawn tennis without a ball we started the walk back to the house for some home made strawberry lemonade. Ms. Arcen and Gracie were behind me when I heard the kids scream, "SNAKE!" Reptile man Botzie jumped in to examine the specimen and without any trepidation reached down and picked up this little green snake and handed it to Ms. Arcen. Immediately after the kid realized that the snake could not physically bite or hurt her they became friends for the rest of the afternoon. I found the creature interesting to photograph and was glad that Jeff was here to give me some pointers on making a few images that would be worthy to post toonday. Here is the essay:

Kid meets harmless green snake.
Kid holds snake while the reptile becomes curious about its own reflection in the lens.
Snake is sort of cute.
Snake gives me the stink eye.
Forked tongue is good for eating.
Jeff holds snake and tells me about dropping the exposure to neg-1 and why I should.
Neg-1 in full sun while Jeff holds a plain black backdrop directly behind the snake now being handled by Ms. Arcen again to create a more clear image.
Child's hand cropped out and the sun is doing the rest.
Parting is such sweet sorrow when you are truly an animal lover.
So long Slither, until we meet again.


Doug said...

Awesome Bill! Great running into you the other night - hope your ride back to Dooleyville was uneventful!

Billy Fehr said...

It was good to see you all as well. The homeward Friday evening post wine tasting commute was slow, upright and muggy damp.....

Boots said...

Oryn hopes you had fun on your ride didnt go. he missed you and your family at his party.

Billy Fehr said...

No he did not, he is too young to actually 'miss' us.

Boots said...

he really did miss you. he said..."unka bill? comin?" i said, "
no buddy, unka bill doesnt think youre worth the time." He said, "unka bil suk deez nutz dada?" I said, "yes buddy, he like big Deez Nutz!"