Friday, March 19, 2010

Another Trans Continental Rider Rolls through Charlotte

Yesterday after my noon schedule I stepped out onto the sidewalk with my bike and coming towards me with his was a face that I thought I recognized as familiar even though we had never met before. I asked him if he was my friend Cho and he replied, "No, I am Yu(which he pronounced like you)." That response made me laugh and at that point I stuck out my hand to introduce myself.

Meet 21 year old Yu Sebata from Chiba Japan. Yu flew from Japan to Los Angeles where he started his North American coast to coast ride on February 9. We chatted for a few awhile which gave me time to take his picture and ask him a few pointed questions. My Japanese is non-existent but Yu's English comprehension, language skills and understanding of my hand signals were exceptional. Within minutes Yu and I had transfer. Yu had just arrived in Charlotte after coming across the southern route of the United States. He is now turning north for New York City where he will be flying home from to Chiba on April 18. I asked him if he needed a place to crash and drop his gear here in the Jar but he had already booked a room on N. Tryon.
I was not asking for his autograph. What I was asking him however was to please write down the Japanese word for bicycle. He took my pad and went to work, the outcome was absolutely brilliant. Check out the towel on his head that he swiped from a Best Western in eastern Texas.
In Japan Yu calls his bicycle a Ji ten sya translated in English to 'Self Pedaling Car'. As you can see by one of my notes Yu has had no less than 20 flats thus far on his ride.
Yu had ridden just under 4,600km or 2,833miles to get to Charlotte.
Yu told me that he did not like riding or camping(which he is prepared to do) in the rain and that most nights he found shelter at a motel. He also explained that many middle Americans were very nice to him, especially in the small towns.
It was nice indeed to meet an authentic world traveler living in those exploration minutes. I wished Yu good luck with his ride and I asked him to be careful as his journey was taking him up through the heart of the BAMA(Boston-Atlanta Metro Area) where the pace will be faster than what he has seen so far. Ride on Yu!

Cycling: Life v. Death
The other morning Adam Little was riding his bike to work when he was struck and killed by an auto viper driver. In my research I stumbled across Reid Beloni's blog that I did not know he was writing. For more information please read his words related to this most recent casualty of a mean sped up world. Reid's blog is very interesting as it documents his travels and racing in other parts of the country and world. Plus, there are some never seen before images posted of Andreas Raab in Euro racing Transfer. Reid, I am sorry that it took a death tragedy to find your blog but keep it up. You are now on my list of little friends and other strong humans.


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thats awesome... that old cannondale was made in 'merica too

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I'm in love with that touring rig. The Cannondale with the luxurious Nitto campee racks. Looks like a great home away from home.