Monday, March 1, 2010


The one good thing for metamanicism is that there is always tomorrow. Yeah, I know metamanicism is not a word but if it communicated any meaning your way then it has served its purpose. On Friday night I slept on the wood floor in front of the fire on my summer/fall service bed roll. The newest big dog made it his job to spoon me and make sure that I stay tucked in with his weight wrapping the tail of my beddings around me as if I were wedged in a makeshift burrito. Facing the stoked fire I passed out to the sound of the crackling and other soft noises of the warmth reaching my form. Hours later at the start of a dream that would surely lead to me running across a field for the tree line in beautiful warm sun I was awoken by something strange happening in between the fire irons just a few feet in front of my face. As my eyes adjusted they were overwhelmed by a very bright tiny little light that was beaming without sound in the center of the other embers which were the standard red orange of wood before it goes to ash. This white red point of light was no bigger than an eraser on a standard wood pencil. I watched it burn and was transfixed on its photon release towards me from the center of the fire place. The moment was almost fantastic for the unique appearance of this powerful light source was something I could not identify. Time passed as I laid there without moving except for my eyes watching the dance of the tiny phosphorescent ball ablaze with indescribable energy. All of a sudden the dance stopped just as the glow faded slightly then it reduced in size for a flash of a second before turning inside of itself and disappearing into the glowing embers that surrounded it. It vanished instantly with less explanation then why it was there in the first place. Just then I realized Rocky was leaning his shoulder into my back. Above my body in the shadowy darkness his head was canted and his eyes were locked forward for he too was mesmerized by the inexplicable now that we both had just witnessed. He looked at me and then lowered his head quietly onto my side. Within minutes we were both asleep and that open field came up in front of me as I watched myself run for the very green tree line.

I have been meaning to put these images up for your viewing pleasure.
First off we start with a picture that I made of the creepiest snowman and woman that I have ever seen. These creations were products of my happy neighbors a few doors down. Strangely enough these snow humans actually look like Linda and Don who are originally from Florida.
2/13/2010 early morning: In the way out back I examined the Hemlock Tree that I attempted to save last summer and was reminded of Robert Frost's Dust of Snow.
The way a crow
Shook down on me
The dust of snow
From a hemlock tree
Has given my heart
A change of mood
And saved some part
Of a day I had rued
I am a big fan of Frost's simplistic and often pastoral poetry transfers. I have a hard back collection of his works that was given to me 10 years ago by a friend of the Good Spirit.
Pazuzu was loving the cold feeling on her feet.
Snow and shadow then snow and light.
A hummocky drive way.
I walked out around the hood.
The last of the snow images.


brado1 said...

great looking dahg.

nice winter wonderland shots!

wv: wingnsad

Billy Fehr said...

Thanks Brado for the shot compliment...
As for the dahg, she gets that a lot. ZooZoo was surrendered to the Humane Society of Charlotte in late 08 and after we fostered her for 14 days we adopted her.

Anonymous said...

I'm a metamaniac too!!

wv: bechear

What I said i needed to sit in last year at the beach after about 8 2xx's.

the original big ring said...

i think that you may quite possibly have more snow there way down south than we do way up here in the north . . . and here i am planning a trip riding down in psigah in April . . . pfffffft, maybe I should be planning a trip to Yellowknife?