Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pot Reform Comes to Charlotte

Recently I rolled up to a red light on the square and saw this tall hippie like individual setting up his terrific platform within eight feet of the sidewalk. I jumped off the bike and tried to figure out exactly what I was seeing. As it turns out Mecklenburg's Marijuana Messiah was standing tall with a message for anyone listening and all six of his Face Book friends who showed up after clicking yes to the invite to join the Cannabis Reform Rally on the Square. This Pro-Pot forum was trying slowly to convey the importance of legalizing or at the least decriminalising the possession of the Marijuana plant in any form. His message came out peacefully in a drawn out hippie tone. At one point one of those in attendance stepped forward, interrupted the weed guy's speech and then challenged him that his argument was all wrong. This guy was way louder than the Pot Prophet and seemed aggressive no doubt the outcome of his ranch covered roast beef breakfast and lunch. The unnamed individual seemed to know more about the reasons that pot should be legal and then he basically took over the agenda of the rally to the cheers of the small group. I stuck around for a few minutes to ask some questions of folks in the overwhelming crowd of six. Fortunately I had to get back to work and I did not have the chance to see how the rally ended. What a hoot indeed, I love my job.

While the Feds watch, Pot proponents say, "Yeah, Pot does not hurt anyone!"
Check out the Chronic Calif's clever sign post.
Cheerwine is the favorite drink of pot reformers. The plastic bottle containing the brownish red fizzy liquid was made by CoNStar at their Thomasboro Plant.
Here comes the aggressive challenge to the peaceful argument.
I asked the kid in the red shirt to tell me how he found out about this rally, "Did you just stumble by this event?" He replied, "No, it was on Face Book."
"Come on maaaan, give me a break, pot is good and the government should get off of our backs about it."

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