Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Bike Duel that I LOST

My view of Bailey's huge bagged back less than two minutes into the chase. Yesterday after work former ex-courier Jason 'The Red' Bailey of Nordic Scandahoovian descent nonchalantly challenged me to impromptu bike duel. The start of our little two person crit began at the South End Cool & Cool and went roughly 3.4miles to the Rue de Grit near the Plaza. We took off down Tryon with Bailey off the front. Through the big buildings of downtown Jason and his youthful exuberance made a crucial error at one of the lights giving me the chance to take the point with the cunning experience of age. Then him and his long legs blew by me again taking control of our off the cuff bike race across town. Down 7th Street he really started hammering fully excited with the taste of blood as he commenced to break me over his knee. The deeper I reached into my man purse of courage the more apparent my internal organs began to feel. Left on Hawthorne, a quick right on 8th and 'The Red' kept pouring it on. He must have had helium in that orange hipster rear wheel of his because that shit was floating as we turned left onto Pecan with me six bike lengths back and not yet across. The last half mile was a blur as I looked ahead and saw him sit up like a modern day Viking completely satisfied with his victory over the old timer. Jason was an honorable winner and proved it by buying me a tall Vegan Approved Sierra Nevada IPA as a consolation prize for being bitch slapped by him. Cheers.

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