Thursday, March 18, 2010

On Ass-ignment

Rich D. looking through the glass at the reptile in the SUV. Remember, all SUV drivers should not be categorized as 'bad'. My sincerest apologies to LUIS not Louis from FLA. When I woke up this morning in complete still darkness I had two immediate thoughts that came from so far away I am not even sure if they originated in this solar system. First of all: Yesterday I unknowingly made up a new metaphor that I like the application of better than the standard version. Secondly I spelled Luis' name erroneously last night when I tried to tease him on Dicky's comment line. Sorry about that Luis, I was so excited that you wanted to know what I already knew that I added an O. The funny thing is that my awareness of my mistake only came to me while I slept, not at the time that your name was written right in front of me as I wrote my comment last night.

I took the day off from bike couriering yesterday to help another Charlotte based Rich work on a mobile film project. I accepted this job a few weeks ago and I believe that we have two more days of filming to do at the end of the month according to the contract. Rich and I met over coffee a few hours later than the start of my normal job to go over the controls on the Canon G2 that I would be using. The idea was that Rich would be shooting still images of the promotion for an upcoming television show while I shot the same subject with the small but powerful movie camera. The first crew we documented was doing their promos out on East Boulevard where we spent an hour or so diligently accomplishing our objectives from the shot list. Next, Grant and Steve did their work uptown on the street and in and out of a few businesses. Rich and I left them at around 1400hrs and drove out to NoDuh to meet the actual Gator and his Master. The energy was happy and there was a can do spirit among this crew as well as the first. These types of projects can at first be confusing but as the day goes on it becomes more easy to understand the objectives expected of your role in the production. Towards the end of the day we did some work back uptown among the lucid St. Patrick's day revelers eager to touch or pick up the Gator. I appreciate Rich D. considering me for this job and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

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Luis G. said...

No worries man... even at work I have people that REPLY to emails and add an 'o' to my name LOL. Used to it by now.