Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bike Shop Girl/Commute By Bike makes Global Impact

This unidentified former Merrill Lynch high paid executive turned to Charlotte's Bank of America(now BAML) when his New York Well went dry and the Fed bailed both him and his fun club out. I spotted this succstressful American in front of the Corp Center taking a minute out of his busy day to get caught up on the latest Globally Implied Cycling Industry News with his two, not one hand held transmitters.1 Apparently, the human race is doing all it can with these hand held transmitters including double fisting them to tune or toon as it may be up the happiness. This gentleman cannot get enough as he listens to Bike Shop Girl's intriguing Podcast #4(an interview with Marla Streb, who sort of sounds like a female version of Dude) with one hand while he scrolls through the latest pressing Facebooks and Tweets of the leading Bike Commuter Site with the other. Thanks to the ubiquitous Industry perpetual digital data transfer this guy decided to sell his BMW, Avalanche and Bendz so that he could help change the world by riding a bike every day!

1. succstressful-Jordy 'Money' More, February 2010


spokejunky said...

If you see any more of these guys on the corner you have permission from the tower to go weapons hot. Scan your sector.

Mark said...

I was leading a ride this winter where one of the riders was knowingly riding with his bluetooth earpiece. 15 minutes into the ride he got a call he just had to take. So, I left him on the trail. He never caught up to us later in the ride and when we got back to the lot his car was gone. I think he turned around and went home. I ask myself - why bother come to ride?

Arleigh said...

Bill -

Thanks for the multiple shout outs!

I'm in Florida, where its raining, learning about Cerevelo. I couldn't take you call this morning as we were learning about very important carbon design process.

I'll give you a call tonight

Anonymous said...

I think the hand held devices are crabon-cased. It's not only for planes and bikes, eh.

-Bill fron Marquette.