Wednesday, April 16, 2008

2 Tired Geese

Over the weekend while on a bicycle ride to Loch Dooley Ms. Arcen and I came across a goose sitting on a ground nest covering it's recently laid eggs less than 5meters from the waters edge right off the trail. Just off of land floating in the water was the mate, I'm not sure how to determine who is what gender but for some reason I felt like the man was the one on the nest.
We checked on the sight Monday and last night when I made the above images. The proud parent seemed noticeably exhausted while we were there last night. The goose's body seemed flat, sunken into the ground covering more than just the nest. It was having trouble keeping it's head up at the end of it's long drooping black neck. Through the lens I watched this big bird fight to keep it's eyes open as I took his/her picture. We will continue to check on the sight over the next few days and hopefully I can capture the goslings hitting the ground.

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