Friday, April 18, 2008

Image of the Week

Taken early Tuesday morning, click to fit full screen big. I cannot remember our closest star looking exactly like this as it held for me to take the portrait. I waited(not really waited, more like time spent reading my book Aku Aku) for almost an hour for clouds to enter the frame from the left which up until that point was simply a crystal clear azure sky. The clouds are significant because they are never the exact same, minute by minute. One of the world's best photographers once told me that clouds in the sky are parallel and connected to the emotions that humanity possesses.

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At 0800 hrs. I proceeded to the kitchen to pour a heaping bowl of "Joe's O's" for butters And I. I made the pour and upon closing the bag ,which was dangerously close to my eye, A puff of cheerio dust escaped from the three inch opening and into my left eye. After a brief ocular assesment I realised no damage had been done. Peril avoided... for now.