Monday, April 14, 2008

Last week in the QC

*Late Photo Edit: I wanted all y'all to see this close up of construction crane employees and fire fighters attending to the panicky victim that I took from the bridge 300ft below and a block away, the Zeiss lens is huge! This past Thursday a crane operator had an anxiety attack in the middle of the day in the little white booth in the top right hand corner of the first photo below roughly 300ft off the ground. That panic attacked set in to works a Charlotte Fire Department rescue. I had just finished lunch near the light rail tracks when I heard the emergency response vehicles and started seeing the local News helicopters hovering to get the best shot. The next thing I knew I was in it photographically from multiple angles trying to document what I was seeing and hearing by taking over 200 still images and 7mins of AVI. It was close to an hour and a half of before the man was safely on the ground then wheeled with no apparent physical problem in to the back of the ambulance to the cheers of the spectating crowd.

My first view from the Light Rail bridge over East Trade
Rope masters securing the gurney to the crane

Bringing the story to your living room

Eve bringing the story to the local FOX affiliate

Local citizens defacto authority on the big story

Fire Dept and local News go hand in hand

These guys patiently and lackadaisically waiting for the panic attack victim

My kids will be so happy I'm on the news

Sweet shades

Couriers have always been looked at as resident authorities on anything happening Uptown by the Local News

Can I put this interview on my MySpace page?

Ma'am, what do you think?

Look up, what do you see?

Serious and not

This is the best thing that has happened all week

Fire Fighter on his way down with the victim of Vertigo

A closer look

He made it and is okay!

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zeiss lens points out TVness in faces.