Friday, April 25, 2008

Dude's Big Jump at Poston Park

in Gaston county was the only picture that I really made on last night's trail ride and I really did not get it they way I thought I had at the time. I did however learn something about the thought behind this type of exposure which came to me minutes before getting to the above spot in the trail. I rode my mountain bike fixed at 32 x 28 yesterday so that I could head out on the Stabby military train with Rich after work. Dude and Johnathan drove separately and joined us just as the ride started. My chain exploded within the first two miles and I was left alone in the woods to fix the problem. In my saddle bag I had chain tool and plenty of extra PC-1 so I went to work trail side style. Dicky came back to get a sit rep(for those not ever in the Marine Corps Infantry sit rep is short for situation report). While fixing the chain I noticed a really bad place on my chain ring that was in need of rock hammer technology to straighten. Dude came back for a minute to let me use his small vice grips in place of a rock. I jumped back on and as soon as I stood up the chain exploded again! Back off trail side and tooling the fix, this time I felt like all looked well enough to continue searching for my friends through this relatively short and lucid series of hilly single tracks.

Pop, there it goes again, WTF? This third time as I was mending the chain I saw a twisted link that I had missed previously which may have been the original cause of the problem. Thought: early on in the trail I tried to ride through a V in a weird growing tree which is where my chain ring tooth and chain prolly bent to begin with. Oh well trail side fixing the chain again and replace bent link, third time was the charm. I may need to replace chain ring and chain before I do anything back country mountain again. On to the lonely woodsy chase, seeing the same thing twice within 2 miles of seeing it the first time. Yikes, where are they, this place is not that vast. Finally there was Rich and the rest. Then in forward direction flying around in the twi light lit forest with no more chain breaks chasing an image of something blurry.

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Anonymous said...

looks neat no doubt, but I would question the usage of "big" in describing THAT jump. what happen to really going "big", dude? pussy.