Thursday, April 17, 2008

Interview with a Zither Player

I shot the above film three weeks ago in a park that no one knows about off of Central and Louise near the corner of Cool and Cool. In between now and then I was able to put together the final edit which I hope you have the time to watch and listen, it takes less than 5mins in a day that has about 1,440 of them.


AloneTogether said...

better than pancakes.
true beauty. thank you for posting this.

Billy said...

ye are welcome~
thanks to you as well C for hearing the vibration in your ears when you are alone together and it is quiet around you in addition to taking a minute to see what I am trying to convey.

Anonymous said...

suppose i should say...
i live down the stree from that there c.
went to highschool with that jorden.
and so.
thanks for putting that into the world.
smooth. easy. sifting my brain. making muffins
of my heart.
thanks for the moment.