Thursday, April 24, 2008

Charlotte Image/What the? of the week~

The other morning while delivering my lightly cooked mail runs to the firms I turned the corner and ran right into a Federal and Local Homeland Security Dog and Pony Show happening in front of the Charlotte Convention Center. I nonchalantly rolled by observing the line of parked post 9/11 emergency response vehicles including CMPD's Sky Watch Mechanical Tower, a School Bus Conversion in to Mobile Command Center, a portable Hybrid Energy/Power Truck and then the above Mortuary Response Vehicle stopped me dead in my tracks, get it?
I have no idea, do you? Maybe we can rest easier in this fine productivity based city knowing that our government is prepared to stack our corpses in to the back of this Mountain Bike Team Trailer Conversion when the next need arises. Yea, that's it. I feel way better knowing that we are being taken care of by our ever concerned governmental agencies.

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