Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2008-1st Quarter Nomination For QC Cyclist of the Year

goes to this Custom High Bike Rider and Train Hopper who I saw in the middle of the afternoon the other day pulling this cool bus stand on South Tryon. Nothing says bike riders are here in town to stay for the long haul like rolling revolutions down the main Avenue with your unprotected head higher in the Air than Shakil O'Neil's and finding a moving public transportation vehicular device to lean on.

Even though this attention drawing hip line was picked up by me a member of the voting committee from a block away only the bus driver seemed to notice. After rolling with the former future QC Cyclist of the Year skitch tipping on the window along a few feet up to the light the obviously aware driver refused to go on green until the High Bike Rider bodily disconnected. Amazingly enough the driver did not stop and have a chat with the rider, he must of realized that the kid was going for a coveted Charlotte Cycling prize.

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