Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Big Fat lethal snake at Renny

This is the best scale photo/as they go down you get to see how big it actually is This animal has no legs
But it does have a diamond shaped head
This past weekend one week after the Double Down I found myself getting caught up on some domesticated chores around the house(including placement of 2 new rain barrels), taking the engagement portrait of an amazing couple to be married in October, getting Pemba placed in her permanent home and going for a Mountain bike ride at Renaissance Park over by the former ex home of the Charlotte Hornets.

Some fine folks from Tega Cay SC found Pemba's blog on pet finders thanks to the link from project HALO. They called Saturday just as I was trying to manifest her adoption by going to the park with some adoption signage. They drove up with a Pitty if their own named Rocco and as soon as Pemba started smiling she won them over for transport to her new home in the fine Palmetto State. It is rewarding on some level to turn something tragic like the death of a foster dog to the life of another. Pemba has it made.

On Sunday I was able to get over to Renaissance Mountain bike park and ride around with the place to myself except for the British couple for 2 hours. On my second time around on the softball side a serpentine shape ten feet from my left over the creek bridge caught my eye. I got off the bike, swung the camera bag around and made my way down to the waters edge to have a look see. It was a Copper Head that looked as if it had just swallowed a child. This thing was fat and long, it is hard to see the scale in the images but it was perhaps the biggest Copper Head that I have ever seen. The one good thing is I did not wake up with it next to me in bed.

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