Thursday, April 3, 2008

It's on, Renegade Style!

So the story goes Ilan had an idea that he tried and liked so much that a year later it turned in to his best idea ever when he offered me the chance to road ride down with 12 human forces of nature to Isle of Palms South Carolina 230'ish miles away. The ride was fantastic lack the crash at Heath Springs that somehow Mike Perry and I flew through the debris of three riders and bikes on the floor without touching the tracks in bedded in the asphalt ourselves, our grace was the force of our combined Jedi training. Later that night I was laying on the floor of Mike and Steph's room on James Island listening intently to my ever beating heart occasionally being interrupted by Dave snoring and scratching himself on the pullout when I had an idea myself. The lub dub of my heart pumping blood through to my brain 4 hours after the ride gave me cause to consider better yet realize that as Dicky said minutes after my first double century with him 9 years ago, "Hey, we could still be riding, right?" Of course we could, especially after 8 or 9 hours of rest. So the idea was now in my head as I stared at the ceiling that next year I would figure out a way to ride back as an alternative option to the car viper.

Fast forward to the now and it looks as if some undetermined amount of folks will take off from Sport at 0400hrs tomorrow with a loose goal of completing our slightly shorter route of 220 miles to the Atlantic Ocean via the Piedmont, the sand hills and the never ending coastal plain by 1800hrs. Once we arrive there will be a small celebration including fireworks, cannons and pizza. Ilan has been gracious enough not only to transport our jump bags ahead and back but he is letting Jordy, Dude and I sleep on the floor of the garage as long as it is not raining. If it is raining we have to sleep outside or under a bridge that way the Sequoia and BMW won't get rained on. Saturday morning the three of us will wake around 0325hrs and be rolling off the Isle by 0400hrs headed back the 220mi for Charlotte and the Red Sea where I plan to meet my camels and enjoy the present my folks sent us. There is not much to say right now because all the preparations have been made, the bike is ready, gear is packed and I think I can sleep well early tonight knowing that I understand what is about to go down. I will be incommunicado through the weekend but should have something interesting to report by Monday. Have a great weekend, I know I will.

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