Monday, April 7, 2008


This morning just as St. Lissa was taking Ms Arcen off to school in the little car, I heard the oncoming motor of the barn storming plane on it's first run of the politically endorsed spraying of the Charlotte Metro area. The physical matter being sprayed over us today is reported to be a low level bacteria named BT designed to kill the Cankerworm but is harmless to humans and pets, as printed by the Charlotte Observer on Thursday April 3, 2008. I had already known it was coming but the thip energy reinforced by the weekends ride that overtook my body in the now was real. I yelled at them to get in the car, roll up the windows and drive away as fast as they could. As I helplessly watched them leave I witnessed the plane flying less than 500ft over our house with pipes along the back of the wings emitting a visible matter out the back, I saw the pilot's head. I called all dogs in then started freaking out as I was shutting all the house windows that were open. My mind fell to the Persian Gulf when everything seemed so potentially air borne lethal and I had a gas mask with multiple replacement filters close by. I was scared to get on my bike and get on the Stay Alive commute because no matter what the Local News was reporting I had no idea what was falling out of the sky which would obviously wind up inside my lungs. The plane made 4 passes quickly when I called a friend to vent on and then I grabbed my camera on it's 5th and 6th run over our little hood ten miles over to the east of the buildings. There is a small airport off of Harrisburg Rd less than 4 miles east and north of here which is where this plane is most likely being fueled and loaded with the spray. I waited until I could wait no more, I had to go to work, did I not? What a strange morning and day it has been indeed. I have seen the yellow and black mechanical bird all day at least 3 dozen times including late in the day when Andreas and I were gassed over near Selwyn Ave when I was trying to get my car from where I left it before the Double Down Friday morning.

Sorry about this rant. Once again I'm blown away by what is going on around me. Back to the rest of the Double Down and Toon to Toon to Toon Transfer sometime tomorrow.
For now pics of the fly by. Double click to fill screen....

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