Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Big Creek Switch Back

Arleigh made this film of me fixing through a high switch back and down the trail on the top of the death descent. As much of an energy speed sucking sap riding mtn fixy is on the down hills normally easy technical became a personal challenge worth the self satisfaction reward and the shaking nervous feeling in my stomach. The box from Asheville will meet me uptown today for a courier to courier hand off if the creek does not rise.

As an aside Jordy of sent me an email over night with a link to David Byrne's April 15 blog entry titled Come The Revolution. For some reason I thought most of you would be interested in the read.


Jordy said...

dont think that header image is going unnoticed. i maybe want to run and hide... jah would never give the power to a bald head man to judge a rasta man, no no no.

tsc said...

I've ridden in that blimp!!!

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