Wednesday, May 14, 2008

08 Miss SSUSA Cracked Out in Frammersbach

I took this photo of my partner and Team283 co-captain Rebecca Tomaszewski after stage 3 of last year's Trans Germany in the mountain bike town of Frammersbach. Sitting behind her is Canadian National Champ and 5 time Olympic Silver Medalist Alison Sydor who had just asked Becky to marry her and have her baby. Becky's reaction is obviously cracked out that she could marry in to the family of a world renowned gear shifting cyclist like Ali. Becky spent the next few hours drinking BEER and mulling over her decision by talking to the town's mustached Berger Meister(German Word for Mayor). He convinced her that what she was doing here on her Single Speed(German Word for Single Speed) was way more important than becoming geared Ali's bitch. She was very impressed with the Berger Meister's council so she jumped up in to his huge German arms and gave him a classic Becky kiss on the face that made him blush not only because he liked the funny feeling in his tummy but more importantly he had to play it off because his wife was sitting right next to him.

It was as crystal clear as the West German night sky, there was no way to go in to life with anything associated with gears. Becky then let Alison down explaining that she had a more Singley plan that she had to pursue for herself and the well being of the free world. Alison started to cry, she looked at me with a smile but I cut her off before she had the chance to ask. "Sorry Ali', I am already married and more importantly I like it Single Speed too.

Becky has kept the fire alive since that night with a ton of great race efforts including the 07 Worlds in Scotland, 07 ORRAM and waxing my lame ass at last year's Tree Shaker to name a few. I never really felt bad about that because she waxed a bunch of asses that day and took the win. This 08 season appears full as well with her recent SSUSA win a few weeks after the Cohutta 100. I miss the greatness that was constantly firing around us while we were together traveling, riding, drinking BEER or just talking about what was really going on around us not avoiding it.

*2 Day Late Photo Credit goes to Jordan Moore for the two images of Rachel singing. The photo work on this blog is mine and I accidentally let those two get by without issuing credit. With that said I apologize for any confusion.

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