Friday, May 9, 2008

Teeter Skilled Foster Dog on Film is Up!

A few months back trying to keep up with the Joneses I mean Dillens actually affected our lives to the good when we became a volunteer foster home and family for the Charlotte Human Society. How this works is simple. The local human society is volunteer run and held together with wonderful folks who manage the well being of domesticated pets in need from the time they get in the door until they are permanently placed with a caring family. During the transfer from tiny puppy or kitten to an adoptable age the creatures need safe haven off the premises so that others can be adopted out which creates the space for the ones being fostered by dedicated folks like the Dillens. It is an awesome revolution to witness and I really think if you are looking to do something helpful that this is a great thing to be part of. The Humane Society is on the level to work with, the little ones need help and ultimately you give them back at the end of the prearranged time frame!

Karma is the 8 week old puppy in the above film who is one of the most naturally gifted K-9 young ens I have ever seen. She is I do believe an Akita breed with a fast little brain, extraordinary energy and wonderful color markings like she was painted by the Gods. Karma stayed with us for 10 really fast passing days and by the time she left she knew sit, See Saw and she was just about house trained. The day we dropped her off we came home with a litter of Mom-less kittens who are making even me laugh and I am not really a cat person.

I say if any of this is making you think about being a foster home then go for it because the more safe places for the little ones to go the more that will actually wind up in a good home with a safe future. Bell them up, fill out an application with true data and then enjoy what ever comes in to your home!

*Announced Late Edit: Sorry the film I spent time trying to load and that I referred to in the above draft is not there at all. Please feel free to check back soon for a special edition video post of the Teeter Totter Capable Dog.


Anonymous said...

thanks for capturing the magic!

Jordy said...

holy composure.