Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day Mountain Bike Time Warp/Rachel Montreal Bound Follow-UP

Okay then, the Rachel update first. In Yesterday's Post I completely forgot to share this bicycle traveler's website which you can find Here. Check her out the music will play for you there and if you like what you hear and want to help her get north under her own power then buy her CD it is only 15$ or more accurately 15 In God We Trust Units. Up high in the clouds

The WonderBoy with a sweet Rookie line....

Eric breaking down the final CP from last week's PMBAR

You mean I have to carry this out in my pack on my back? Billy does not have anything on his back... he is a slacker just like Josh.
Leaving N. Mills
Josh and I headed up to the mountains for a ride Sunday that started on 1206 just over Yellow Gap where we left the car. Eric and Erinna were leading us from there to Club Gap and back so that they could retrieve the last check point from last week's PMBAR. The 4 of us set out in the rain and descended for a bit before turning left in to the trail. The mountain was wet, it was chilly and the fog clouds were sometimes set in as low as we were. Horse Cove seemed new to me but I recognized Squirrel Gap, S. Mills River Trail, Buckhorn Gap, Black Mtn, Club Gap and the 276 out back to the 1206.
I was very happy to be spending this day in the woods breaking in my new wheels. I did notice a vertical strength in the bicycle's handling that I have not yet experienced. Okay the rear wheel's engagement is instant and stiff but as Eric pointed out the major noticeable difference can be felt in the front while turning hard. That turning strength sticky is something that feels like it can be pushed building confidence to go faster in the turns than I have ever been able to. Now having the confidence which almost killed me(Crash Death Story Later in the week) I feel like I can push through the turns knowing that the big tire and wheel are right there. Zero flimsy feeling, in trade for much contact, grip and power.
The ride was great! Thanks a bunch to Eric and Erinna for leading us from N. Mills to S. Mills and back to N. Mills.
* The Teeter Skilled Dog Video is up!


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