Wednesday, May 7, 2008

NC State Primary

Yesterday 34% of registered Voters in Mecklenberg came out to rock the state primary and they chose Barack. Of course the American Voting process is very important especially at this time in history but the most important thing that I have learned politically during this presidential primary thus far happened when I met Simon this past Friday.

Sorry I do not have a picture of this lad from London but I will give you a brief description. He is taller than me with fair skin, short cropped reddish hair, blue eyes, a lean frame and he speaks with an educated thick British accent. He closely resembles my friend Nathan, mind, body and energy. I had the chance to chat with this fellow twice since Friday and what a story he tells. Simon came to America in December and made his way to the Iowa Caucus where he began his 6 month journey as a volunteer for the Hillary Clinton campaign. Since then he has been traveling across our fine nation staying ahead of each states primary canvassing for who he believes should be the next American President.

Why would a Briton be working hungry for free in this country helping to influence an election that he cannot even vote in you ask?

I did too. In 2000 Simon was in London watching the election in the USA as were most of the people in the European 'Free World'. Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, Dublin, Stockholm, Oslo and so on. On that day Simon and anyone else whose brain was functioning normally which simply takes paying attention watched in disbelief as America had it's Presidential election stolen from the people. How could America sit back and let it happen he thought, what direction would the regime of a nation that allows it's Presidency to be usurped without the actual winning vote take the most powerful nation in the world?

Simon is smart enough to know that whatever is going on here directly affects the world, from the streets of London where people are buying jeans right now to Haiti where mothers are adding dirt to supplement the rice they cannot afford to feed their families with. He and I agree that the only chance we, we being the entire world has is an immediate party change in the White House. Seems as if reality has grounded my thoughts because if it had been taken once it could be taken again to complete the written destiny of the Great USA.

I find Simon's presence in this country the quintessential definition of the state of our Nation and the true meaning behind free world. From his home across the Atlantic Ocean he was so concerned about the outcome of our 2008 election(which he cannot even vote in) that he came to America with no salary and a dream to help influence the people here to vote for who he thinks could give the world a better chance. That is serious business. What are you doing to help influence the direction of the most 'Free' country in the world?

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KingJimmy said...

Very interesting to see you've met somebody from across the pond that is concerned about the outcome of our elections. With that said though, even though they can't legally vote, I'm sure since they are helping a democrat get elected that somebody will help them get the chance to vote just the same! ... kidding ;-) ... I wonder how your British friend decided who he'd help get elected? To me, all three of the candidates are miserable choices.