Monday, May 5, 2008

What, You Don't Believe In Cosmic Hotdogs?

You must never have been on the road with me then. Jesse, Jordy: I am sorry that my blog caused hatred to come out, that is the last thing I intended as a product of my own outlet.

The other day an anonymous soul floating around out there in the world that does not exist left me a quite disturbing comment to be moderated for posting on the Dude's Big Jump story that I wrote over a week ago. I will not be specific in detail but the idea this person was trying to convey was related to his or her own personal anger and perhaps jealousy towards Dude at first then off on a tangent against Jordy. I feel compelled to let the reader know that he or she is missing the whole point of Physical Science which has learned well enough two constant rules. The first is that two people can look at the same 1 object from opposite sides and see 2 completely different things. The other fact is that one can not pass judgement on another without having all the facts related to that person's decision which is causing you to judge.

There are real factors in both cases that you judged which are justification enough for me to respect both of these individuals as friends and fellow sane humans. During contemplation of this bitter comment it was realized that the reader who left it may have taken the first comment as a step up to letting their own anger fly. I thought the first comment was Josh's light hearted voice poking a joke at Dude which is why I let it go by hoping Dude would pick it up and say something about Josh not riding very much. I should have got it when Dude did not respond back in timely fashion that it was he making fun of himself as comment 1 which wound up drawing the attention of thip energy and gave it the push it needed to spew out. Dude accidentally on purpose lured in his own cyber enemy hate mail. Revolution-the completion of a circle.

The box from Industry Nine was so important that it was delivered to me in front of the Bank of America Corporate Center this past Wednesday. Over the weekend I completed the install of my new wheels but when I went to ride them I lost all of my rear brake, then my saddle rail broke so I limped out of the trail. I did get both issues resolved but the way that life went the rest of the weekend I never got a chance to get on the trail with them. Maybe tonight.

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