Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Single Track section of the Stay Alive

This was an awkward right handed photo to take on a narrow section of single track on my morning commute. I call the single track the East Land Ridge which is about 150 yards of dirt track on my urban ride in to work. The trail starts on the right hand side of Central Ave just east of the Mall and rises through the center of this little ridge. The surface is loose brown dirt which becomes off camber sloping left in sections and there are plenty of roots to plan for. When the trail turns right then left to go around the big tree above there is some exposure down to the parking light below. The grassy hill always has me paying attention because clipping a pedal there could send me on down the hill.

I have been making this inbound commute now for over 6 years but I have only used this trail for the past 6 months. I was forced off the road at the Centrolian split back in early December which put me on the lower ending sidewalk that transitions in to the trail. The very next day when I saw the sidewalk again I took it and realized that this was a fun little thing that could keep me off the most dangerous part of the split. There you have it, the most boring post I have made in at least a week.

Today I turn 39years of age. In 12 months I will transition numerically into my 4th life. It has been an interesting 14,235 days of living so far, I can't wait for the next 14,235 days to pass. For those of you who care I will be living today as normally as I did yesterday but my birthday will be highlighted with the following: Work, an interview with a Performance Model(blog post to follow) a possible afternoon Mountain Bike ride and then a nutritionally useless cheese pizza for diner, that's right diner. Happy Birthday to me.

*Late edit: Woke up to no hot water in the house. Have spent time already on my back looking into the thermo coupler and trying to re light the pilot. The pilot does not want to stay lit. Called the guy form AMP and he told me the entire coupler will need to be replaced. Awesome Birthday gift, a new thermo coupler that I was not planning on having to buy. That goes well with last months new front loading washing machine that I was not planning to buy either when the 13 year old machine that I had fixed 3 times prior finally went to the light and never came back. The even better part is the guy can be here this afternoon at 1600hrs which may very well ruin my chances to go to Sherman Branch and get a Mountain Bike ride in....this birthday is getting good!


Chandler said...

Happy Birthday William!!! ...and "diner" is spelled "diNNer"...Diner is that shady place where Slim Rookie picks up his mom after she gets done workin the streets!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday! Your day will get better and yes you can still go on your ride

Billy said...

Boots...Jordy taught me that diner is a better word for dinner, it just sounds more fitting.

Anonymous said...

birthday balls

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bill - Don't you dare stay out of work for anything fun! Nose to grindstone private!

Billy said...

All Y'all,
Thanks for the birthday comments!