Friday, May 23, 2008

It's a NASCAR Ho'down!!

If I have to see it, so do you. I am not trying to hurt anyone's feelings but this stuff is full on in the center of where I do my livity as a bike messenger in the fine city of Charlotte North Carolina which is now the home town of the NASCAR Hall Of Fame. With that said enjoy a few of the images that I made yesterday in an effort to bring all the joy of Speed Street to you where ever you are. If my perceptions of this round and round gas burning spectator sport offend you , I'm sorry it was purely intended!

13 plus blocks of this, that equates to almost 2 miles of nothing or 1/5th of a Stay Alive
for all the energy you need to watch something in the sun go around a track
NASCAR going line dancingthat is one huge crapper bladder, there were 100 more on a truck in the alley
I can't wait to show my department these cool phone pics
Having fun with all the things to see and do
Good Times
Where's the huge energy drink bottle?
Real life cartoons
Sorry young lady, I cannot help but stare at your lovely Coke shirt
Witty Fellow Number 1
Witty Fellow number 2
Not quite sure but the hair is really unique
I don't care how much fun you are not having, stand there and let your dad take your picture!

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