Thursday, May 29, 2008

Imagery From Charlotte, think Opposite of Baghdad

I may be dumb but somehow I never really feel stupid and I am too young to retire. Stolen from Yogi Berra, Modified to fit this particular point in my life by me. I can over analyze the fact that I misspelled and spelled correctly the name of my Subject in an interview essay all I like but that will usually lead to thoughts of darkness. Kristin is there in Chicago and even though she tried to make me feel better rationalizing that people have been incorrectly(KK, you were right that is not necessarily what I wanted to hear but thanks for your understanding) spelling her name for years-bigger more cosmic events followed that show me once again to let it go. Those bigger things are happening in the now while it may seem slow and motionless when you stare at it. These following images were shot in the 2 days of my bike courier work livity/Speed Street fun fest. Not one of these subjects has given me permission to either take the image or share it but by being in public they have passed the right and obligation to me to convey to you what is happening in America. When I finished the shoot I wished I could have boarded a direct flight to Baghdad and spent 12 hours on the ground making images from the streets of their main Avenue outside the Green Zone. Then this project would be complete for I could weave the images to make the perfect photographic literary comparison and contrast.

Click any image you like to see full screen detail-it's worth it

The Hearst Tower holds not only daily Bank of America trade business but is designated Trading Floor contingency back up to BOA NYC-Wall Street. On the morning of 9/11 BOA NYC Trading dropped off the screen, this back up plan involving Charlotte is an effort to prevent that from happening again. In the event of a similar situation The Queen City will electronically pick up trading, almost immediately according to protocol.
Meanwhile Americans are celebrating their freedom
These folks were cued up for over 6 hours to get themselves an autograph. I know this because I asked...
Hey Mom, I just got a slap on coozie!
Slap it on me beeeeotchhh!!
Hey Jethro, the Old man was right them Coke shirts are real nice
I picture on the movie screen in the front inside of my skull that the signage communicating the same message in Baghdad is unwritten
and medics carried rifles and wore body armor not extra flesh
another cue for another autograph
At first I thought I was seeing Saints and Halos but then I realized he was selling these for 2.50$ per....
Amazing, right?
I believe
Follow what I do and your needs will be filled....
Raise my right hand, left on the bible
I'm so convinced, I'll raise both
An empty sky, deep Carolina blue, raise your hands high....
this one is my fav just like a tiger dreaming of super sized fries in the jungle, count the logos, boggle your mind, then see the American Flag in Tattoo splatter on young man's calf(not shopped, real)
Plenty of calories sold in trade
A paycheck is made
US NAVY reporting to order but there are no Battle Stations to man, sir?
Free Peanut Butta!!!!
Man, these tires signed are gonna look great on my wall if my ole lady don't try to sell um on Ebay
Cover your faces ladies, this is Persia
No it is not the youth here actually are cool


Jordy said...

How the balls am I the only person to comment on this... who else wanted to vomit, raise yer hand... raise em high, c'mon, you believe! That really happened and its the reason we couldnt hear the earthquake... we could have heard the earthquake if all this gas burning wasn't going on. i want to live on another planet, man. thats all that shit makes me think. creepy, shocking, mind-opening, brave journalism.

Billy said...