Monday, May 26, 2008

24mins "The Mini-Burn 24 of Next Door" Race Report

Seeing much of my 08 Race Season's budget has been spent on things other than race entries I took advantage of this weekend's 24 minutes of Next Door, the Mini-Burn 24. Wow and what a race it was. At the line and on course were up to 7 die hard competitors and myself going for the 24 minute title. I felt pretty good about winning my category when I realized that I was only competing against 6 racers of which 2 were girls and everyone but me was under 10 years of age. Hell Yea, this is gonna be my day! What a win it was, I rode over 40 laps around the loosely marked course which circled the volley ball court. My competitors never had a chance because of my mad endurance, stacked thighs and Thousand Dollar Wheels. With 6 minutes left I saw Gerardo in the pit straddling his bike and taking a nap, I told him to stop being a Millhouse and get back out on course. He gave me one last attack but in the end I had them all reeled in with a huge win and my first ever 1st place podium spot. I'd like to thank my sponsors, oh wait...I don't really have any.

Here I am right after the big win-photo: Ms Arcen
Here I am early on clearly ahead of my competition Israel, Adriana and the unidentified little fellow on the bright green small wheeled bike photo: Ms Arcen
Israel rolling on the Swamp Bike trying to give me his best Lance look
Me about to put another one in the rear view
Gerardo out of the pit after a nap but he still had nothing for me photo: Unidentified Photographer under 10 years of age
Unidentified rider GOING DOWWWWN!
Israel with sweet Swamp bike line
Me, going wide for a pass to the cheers of the Tifosi Photo: Ms Arcen


Boots said...


Jordy said...

I dont know how you "24ers" do it. Your competition seemed to be "a little spanish." Did that factor into your game plan? Wonderful quotes inside quotations by the way.

Billy said...

Yea Jordy,
The Spanish factor in my mind was a key part of my plan to win the 24mins of Next Door. Not only did I destroy these small little Spanish people on the course but at the same time I was able to expand my Spanish Fan base which so far has been untapped in the SS realm of not racers. Look for a Billy fan club to HQ in Tlachichuca Mexico....