Saturday, June 28, 2008

4 Humane Society Fosters/Great With People

Little Miss Lightning(white bolt down her neck/spine)
McQueen(the fastest of the 4)
Dent/the only boy(who has a dog named Dent?)
In a few hours these 4 foster Beagle pups will be going back to the fine folks at the Charlotte Humane Society and placed in the system that will have them adopted out in like less than 2 seconds from when they are first seen by the public. I know 4 is not 6 but it is 4 and when that number is added to the 3 already in place plus a cat, rabbit, bird, fish and rat that equals more than I have ever had under one roof, ever. These little ones have taught me something from the minute their little feet hit the ground here in their foster situation. The beagle is a hunter which is innate at 6 weeks old when the training begins. They are fast, smell driven, quick witted and like to have fun with their minutes awake and dream about playing while they sleep. They are brave at the same time easily submissive when the older dogs bark, they key being the bark, it's tone and sense of urgency or not. Smart, curious, honest, reliant on humans which transfers in to trust and humble tail wagging loyalty. Not to pick a fav but Little Miss and I have made a special connection. All I have to do is say in a low tone, "ohhhhh Liiiiitttttle Miiiisssss" then she roles over with big eyes that start watering, paws in front of her face and then she wags her entire body.
Go be a foster, they need your help and it is easy.


The Bellinghamsters said...

Oh, those are just the sweetest babies! I wish I could give them a big kiss!

KingJimmy said...

I owned a pure-bread Beagle for about 9 years. It is by far the best dog I've ever owned.