Thursday, June 5, 2008

India Foster

Here is India the most interesting cat or better yet baby cat that I have ever met. We just finished fostering her for 2 and a half weeks for the Charlotte Area Humane Society. She was a brave little kitten with quick eyes and a natural playful instinct that would at times result in a from under the bed soft poky ambush on my ankles. When the attack would stop and she retreated for the dark safety under the bed again I would then hear a little sneeze breaking the silence and giving her position away.

On Monday we took her back giving consideration to adopting her permanently but while there things changed. There were 2 more kittens form separate litters that needed help so we left India there for her Vet appointment and signed the paper to 2 week foster Ahku and Ambrosia. India was just fine and within a few hours of being available surely will have a nice home. Ahku was one of 10 left in a sealed box at under 5 weeks old and on a different day someone threw Ambrosia over the fence of a closed Humane Society. Now they are here and sleeping in their own private room.

I know I have asked before but the need for good folks like you in the fostering system is dire. 11 small puppies came in yesterday and before they can get in the system and be adopted they need foster homes for 10 to 21 days. Please contact me if you have ever thought about it and I will give you more reasons than you want to hear why you should. The time is now.

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