Monday, June 9, 2008

A night in Brooklyn off the RT 6

My dad snapped this photo of Rachel leaving the house on the same drive way I used to roll out of as a kid in Brooklyn on her short cue to Providence Thursday morning. She had arrived the day before from down by the east shore of the Connecticut River under the shadow of Gillette's Castle. According to both my parents and Rachel herself a magnificent time was had during her brief stay. I tried to find out what they had for dinner but the menu was top secret to prevent any recipes from getting in to the hands of those who may actually like to know.

Rachel had a gig later in the day after this picture was taken and she rode 40 miles through the green hills of eastern Connecticut and western Rhode Island to get there. Her cue took her out of Brooklyn east staying south of the RT 6 through the country. The last bit before the sprawl of PVD would have been pastoral views along the Scituate Reservoir. I got word that the temps were in the lower 50's for her ride that day, the same day here in the Jar it was in the high 90's.

The weekend was hot and polluted, polluted and hot. I wonder about the constant conversion(let's just say breathing, if we are still breathing) between O2 and the lungs when the O2 that is coming in is completely wrecked by the sticky ground level carbon. Radiant asphalt, exhaust from 1 million combustion engines within 30 miles from here, the release of industrial out put, air plane traffic coming in an out constantly dropping matter from high so it can rain down on us and the rest of the mess trying to rise up, buildings and easy living from the 220's to the 4 mill's where there used to be trees and owl habitat now instead give off heat and toxic gasses after soaking in the sun all day. These are just to name a few of the air born obstacles that I will face today, now and in to the tomorrow, it has just begun.

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