Thursday, June 12, 2008

Robert D. Tucker

There have been some interesting packages that go in and out of my bag over the years even though I have never carried a brain. The other day I took one to Wachovia for Robert D. Tucker who instructed me to leave the envelope at the empty reception table near the phone I was talking to him at. I can handle that Mr. Tucker, no problem.

I often take motions to order in to the State Courthouse and the Judges' Chambers where they all hang out when they are not in the courtroom. I am always reading the name of the judge out loud to the assistant to the judge that way a mistake does not get by. Often I have to say that this package is for the Honorable Richard Boner, that's right Judge Dick Boner.

A recent new one was going to Wachovia at the Plaza when I looked at the package fresh out of my bag and the girl at the reception right off the elevator and I said, "Do you have a Rich Boss?, this package is for Rich Boss." She said that she did have a Rich Boss and that she would be sure he got the delivery.

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