Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Honda Fire Bird

Check out Josh's Civic Honda Fire Bird. I have had the honor to ride shot gun in this sweet little red sled on more than one occasion. Yup, cruising down Tryon with the windows down listening to some old school Bill Joel turning all the heads. Red Necks dig it and usually give a thumbs up or a nod, hell yea. The bucket heads look confused as they do most of the time, after giving a double look then they just turn away in disgust. The younger crowd with the cans on their exhausts give looks of jealousy before asking where they can get one for their car hoods, little did they know it came out of the late 70's. The general public at first appears alarmed but the moderate sound of Billy Joel winds up putting them at ease even though they seem to think the sticker does not really match the car.

I suppose if I were his kid or someone who gave a crap about what people think of me and my place on the earth I would be a little embarrassed to be seen riding down the road or stopped at a light. Thankfully I am not his kid nor do I care what people think about me so I am proud to be in Josh's Bird for a lift to the nearest place to go mountain biking, it does have a sweet rack that is most of the time broken.

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Boots said...

tell josh his roll in "Deliverance...The Sequel" is still available!