Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Camera is in Connecticut

which is where the Sony Indian warranty representative named Art speaking to me on the phone from near Mumbai told me to send in me claim. I boxed it up and sent it out Fed-Ex 2 day not over night with extra insurance for a grand and the fine folks at Precision Camera in CT received it Friday. Apparently they will do their best to replace the shutter actuation mechanism or the camera will be replaced with a 7-10 day turn around. It has been about 4 months now that I have kept the little powerful image maker in my messenger bag on a day to day basis. I have gotten used to being able to take pictures of what I see up in the Jar as the mood strikes, it has been strange to see and not be able to document. Even though I have only been without it for a week it seems as if the opportunity has risen more than once to make something happen. Sorry I cannot share any images with you from last week's Taste of Charlotte festival, maybe next year.

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rachel said...

ha ha ha! you are an excellent writer and I enjoy hopping on your track to see what's happening. spreading the word. by the way it was pork with delish fried rice, a superb medley of veggies, apple sauce - then ice cream with chocolate and coffee! hope I didn't miss anything. thanks for sharing!