Monday, June 30, 2008

Big Sour Grape Tree in the Jar?

Josh belled me up the other day told me that there were some really big black and white grapes growing out of a tree on College Street at the 301 South block. "How Big?", I asked, "Like Basket Ball Big", he responded. When I heard big black and white grapes the size of basket balls the first thought I had was that could mean some really good black and white wine which I cannot ever remember having. Josh and I rolled down to the urban vineyard on the low end of College St through a minor Styro Snow Squall to find this amazing sight. There they were dangling in the wind, a single bunch of humongous black and white grapes bigger than Josh's head. We studied this newly discovered fruit of the vine and came up with some thoughts. These things will make an unbelievable raisin, even by the time it is dried it will be a raisin the size of a football which gives a whole new dimension to the oatmeal raisin cookie. The fermentation of these grapes will result in a fine urban wine and as a mirror of society we could make the choices black or white. As special once a year we could mix the 2 in the secondary fermentation process and call it a Mulatto 08, from the South College Vineyard. The grape jelly that could be crafted with these types of grapes opens up a new market as well. Black Jelly on white bread or White Jelly on Pumpernickel or any combination you can come up with to stimulate the senses. With all these new ideas of our place in the world wide grape market Josh and I realized that we had to do something smart. So we have applied for a patent on our new discovery in the name of the Charlotte Messenger Association. Look out for Black and White Grapes, they are about to change the world.

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