Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cinema de Ballsberry

Turn this one up loud~

Even though this vignette ends abruptly I like it. The song over is coming thanks to Josh sharing some TV On The Radio with me a few months ago. The title of the Track is Wolf Like Me and it's words call for transfer in tragedy which is exactly what Alchemy is saying is in need for the Ballsberry Family. I am looking for a different video host, I have been making some nifty little video edits of some interesting riders and what they do for me creatively, the problem is I am working in a MEG range that is bigger than my present free host likes. At any rate these videos are complete in original big, clear and loud form, I am just waiting to share them with you when I figure out a better medium.

Notice two separate important and yet same NEW links on my side bar. One is Himalayan Photographer Jeff Botz's Web Site and the other is Jeff Botz's brand new blog which will be the most interesting thing you could possibly read and understand on a real science level. In the future I will tell the story of my understanding of this man I have known now for over 7 years. Until then, take the time, I know you are really busy with existence in this sped up world which leaves you time for nothing but make the time and read what he is saying. Then look at the images, transfer what you are seeing from the computer screen in your mind and imagine this is true film photography that is huge, exact in detail, spiritually significant and unlike anything your visual cortex has ever absorbed. I am not delusional, Jeff's project is real and worthy of not only your's but the world's attention. Please spread his links as far across this spinning earth as you can, tell a friend and have them pass it on.

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