Monday, June 16, 2008

Double Down Brought to by Smoothie King

Can you hear the ring? Click and make big to read. Way back in April or it may as well been a life time ago I rode in my 2nd Double Down on it's 2 year open to the public anniversary. June 08 Charlotte Health and Fitness has published this 2 page article written by Ilan Paltrow with supporting photos by me without credit which I have been told as if it matters that there will be a correction in next months edition. Just like Smoothie King touts, "Chewing is overrated"

Over the weekend Rachel sent me this link to an article recently done by a local news source in Biddeford Maine. When you click it you will see a familiar image that I took of her riding along the Stay Alive here in town being flanked by moderate outbound three abreast traffic and a Ron Paul sign in front of tacos nevado. The article is nice and I also like Rachel's picture of her bike leaning against the rail of the last ferry of the day out of just north of Deep River crossing the Connecticut River for camping under the shadows of Gillette's Castle on the opposite shore. For some reason I see something in that picture that is familiar to me. Good work getting yourself alive out of the BAMA(Boston Atlanta Metro Area) Raych, stay north of the BAMA for ever that way you have a chance! Canada is soon ahead of you, be sure to get a stamp on your passport and see if they will trade theirs for yours~

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