Friday, June 13, 2008

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Yo, Denver the gate way to the west coast, how about you New England Towns, and those still following what you know down south, this girl needs our help. Meet Arleigh Jenkins who is in the running for this year's Santa Cruz Hell Ride that was won last year by another Charlotte resident and global leader of the SS class Dicky Dillen. This contest involves getting out to Downieville CA and racing a really heavy squishy death bike provided by Santa Cruz overland up high against 3 other girls from around the country. When Arleigh wins the race that will last a long while by going up high above the tree line to sub alpine regions and over exposed sloping terrain with huge life ending drops on each side then making epic descents only to start climbing again for ever she will bring home the fancy bike and tons of great stories. Last year when my former ex wife and I made the UXC Challenge win to get the free scholarship to the 2007 Trans Germany (go back in time, look at the videos for a laugh!) Arleigh was very helpful in getting us some serious votes, now it is time to return the favor and make sure she gets to the west coast Death March next month! Apparently Charlotte has some continual contest winning spirit, this time with Arleigh's initiative to go to the bigger than life California mountains. To do this she needs your help by rocking the Vote from the link here. The second step you can make to helping is please forward this story to as many nice people in your realm that could take the time to vote her there.

This Public Service Announcement is brought to you by those in search of not dying but living for the minutes in the saddle that take you places other than where you are now.

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