Saturday, June 7, 2008

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Pictures of my ride were once told I a waste of time and serving only vain interest. That was when I used to ride a Cannondale and I thought it was pretty, so you were right all those years ago. It is the place that my not so cool bike wind up now that make the photo interesting. Simple Single Speed along the reflective water on the only spring evening we have had in the Piedmont of the Carolina, shift high in to summer.

Perceptual it is there to see, feel, smell and breath
understand not to avoid what is real
Fahrenheit over 100 poisoned degrees
the release has us on our knees
both ways if you please
first at the pump our way to move
around this toxic dump
then scorching heat this summer day
will burn our kids eyes, lungs then brains
when outside they play breathing
the haze trapped from under our feet as it
rises high towards the silver sky

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