Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Clutch & Cyclocross

At some point during work yesterday Rich and I formulated a plan to get North of town after work and watch the last race of a local Cyclocross series. Boots, Ars and Who's this Joey were all in it racing for the glory. After all of my jobs were done I pulled yet another Stay Alive, packed up and headed back towards town to scoop my little buddy in the UN Montero with Zoo Zoo on board. I really did not think that a few hours later just as we were trying to leave that the clutch pedal would collapse to the floor and cause me to ghost shift a hilarious drive home from Huntersville. When the light at E. Harris went red, I turned the clutch-less truck right into the Walgreens and cut huge parking lot circles laughing to myself loudly while watching for the light to go green so I could get back out into traffic. What a Crack Out, a fixed geared Montero.

Onto the images. I made all of the pictures below with TWIT short and long roped to me.

Just before the first race went off Dicky was overheard betting Santana 5 bucks that I(Bill) would be able to ghost shift the Montero all the way back to Charlotte. Santana did not think I had the skill so he took the bet. Sucker.
Go Boots.
Go Ars.
Ars and the face of determination.
Yeah Boots, look out...
Bart has you in his sights.
Boots with a sweet line.
I cannot remember, Andrew or Matt?
Up hill barriers, big wheels and smiles.

Arleigh in fine form up and over the hillside furniture.
With authority she gets back on before the dude next to her.
Step on the top edge of the barrier technique.
Yes, success with a winning smile!
Text book work by Boots.
Bart's Kona was so lite that it was pulling him up the hill in the chase for Boots.

Andrew Raab impersonator.
Who's this Joey in fine form.
Go, go, go, go!!

SS Monster Cross with the right gear!

Check out Joey's strength and resilience as he manages the uphill barriers.


Arleigh Jenkins said...


Wookie said...

thanks for coming out william. send me the other photos of me you got last night.

Andrew Raab said...

This impersonator needs to get a clue.....I would never been seen in a jersey that ugly!

Glad you had fun,
Andrew Raab

Billy Fehr said...

Ars-Good Luck in TA.
Boots-That's all yer gettin.